earlier versions of mirr.OS

Archive of older versions and modules

Download mirr.OS Beta 0.75

Why you should use mirr.OS one

  1. mirr.OS one is actively developed further
  2. only for mirr.OS one we offer help
  3. only for mirr.OS one arise new widgets
  4. mirr.OS one is much more secure and easier to update

mirr.OS Modules

Download the additional modules from mirr.OS. Note that these modules are not compatible with the new mirr.OS one.

  1. To install a module, first download the respective *.zip file. You can get it here on the website. Make sure that your browser does not automatically unzip the *.zip file (Safari does this, for example).
  2. Go to your smart mirror, either via the link in your configuration mail or by typing the IP address of your smart mirror into your browser. Click on an empty slot and select the “Install modules” button.
  3. Find the *.zip file you just downloaded and upload it. After that you can configure the module.

Download Modules

Public transport


New core idea

mirr.OS has been developed from scratch and is now based on Ubuntu Core.  This is the first time we used a core specifically designed for IoT applications and you benefit from significantly increased security for all your data, APIs and passwords.

Safe, fast and sleek

mirr.OS one is secure by design. The system meets the requirements for professional use and protects your data better.

Featherweight class

Made for IoT devices and extra slim. Ubuntu Core is perfect for the Internet of Things and low-powered devices.

Progressive and regressive

Now the kernel also receives updates via WiFi. Rollbacks are supported for this. In case of errors, the system can be reset to the last stable version.


The information refers to the earlier version of mirr.OS alone, not to mirr.OS one.

The setup and the use of mirr.OS including the modules is actually a piece of cake. If you still have problems, you can check out the tutorials here.