mirr.OS one WebApp

Your Smart Mirror on your smartphone

mirr.OS one comes with a free WebApp. With it, you set up your Smart Mirror, configure it and send us reports if you have suggestions for improvement. The installation is done via your browser.

open mirr.OS in your browser

After installing mirr.OS one on your smart mirror, you will receive an email with a link to the login page. Alternatively, on most devices you can visit the URL http://glancr.local or scan the QR code presented on the default screen.

to the home screen

On your first visit, you will automatically see how to add the WebApp to your home screen. This varies depending on the device. On an iPhone, click on the square with arrow in the lower area and then on "Add to home screen".

open WebApp

mirr.OS one is now accessible from your homescreen. Open the WebApp as you know it from any other app. Please note that in the free version of mirr.OS one you need to be on the same WiFi network as your smart mirror to control it.