Data sources and widgets for mirr.OS one

Even more freedom of design

Widgets and data sources are decoupled from each other in mirr.OS one. This allows you to use your Internet accounts, API keys and keys not only multiple times, but also in different views. New widgets are automatically available and always up to date.

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Overview of widgets and data sources

Widgets and data sources are automatically available in mirr.OS one and always up-to-date.

calender Icon

Shows your calendar entries from compatible data sources.

clock Icon

Displays the current time. If desired, also from different time zones.

date Icon

Shows the current date.

gas station Icons
Gas stations

Get the current fuel prices of the gas stations in your area.

Forecast Icon

Shows a five-day forecast of the weather.

Live weather icon
Live weather

Shows the current weather conditions for the next three hours.

Countdown Icon

Shows a countdown to a date you set.

Sayings Icon

Displays quotes or sayings on your mirror at timed intervals.

IP Cam Icon

Shows a live video stream of your IP camera.

Network Icon

Shows your current network connection: WLAN name, signal strength and IP address.

images Icon

Upload one or more images to display on your mirror.

public transportation icon
Public transport

Shows you the current departure times of a public transport station of your choice.

QR Icon

Generates a QR code on your mirror for a URL, phone number or any text.

Styling Icon

Add visual separators and design the display on your mirror.

Text Icon

Display custom text (including HTML) on your mirror.

Ticker Icon

Displays the headlines of the defined news feeds.

Tasks Icon

Displays your tasks from services like todoist or wunderlist.

Video Widget

Run videos on your mirror. Supports YouTube links.

Current community buyouts

4.12.2020 in Community Buyouts

CalDAV source for calendar widget: first community buyout launched

As promised, we have coordinated the calDAV source with the development team and requested the and the costs for it.…
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Desired function not yet included?

We support commercial users in digitization projects (e.g. in the area of digital signage) and develop individual widgets with customized functionality on behalf of our customers. Contact us!


For commercial users we also program widgets on demand.