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Why we started this project

glancr is your smart mirror for your digital home. It shows you all important information such as appointments, news, notes or the weather. Clear, compact and at a glance. We have set ourselves the goal of making the idea of the Smart Mirror accessible to everyone, because until now the complex basic concept was reserved for dedicated hobbyists and programmers.


Onliner with heart and SEO. Works in the Wining and Dining department.

Team Tobias Grasse


Has many monitors. In the end, he’s the one who puts in the work but gets blamed for the tiniest of mistakes.


Comes up with cool ideas that never make it to the final product.

How it all began

16.07.2020 in About us

mirr.OS one comes of age

Mornin', we hope you and your families are well! Today we released the v1.7 of mirr.OS one. Those who have…
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8.08.2019 in About us

Hey, my name is Tobias and I had no idea how to build a smart mirror

Your own smart mirror: It's hard to find your way in the coding world I've built my own smart mirror.…
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Our goal is to make the idea of the Smart Mirror accessible to everyone.