mirr.OS license models

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For every project and every budget there are suitable solutions with mirr.OS one. Do you have questions about our license models or would you like to learn how to implement your digitization project with mirr.OS? Contact us!

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Individual licenses


just 7,80 € per month/license


Digitize individual products, services and processes

Artisan is aimed at small businesses and the self-employed who want to digitize individual products, services and processes.

  • Unlock extended functionality
  • individual design, infinity boards, password protection, change font
  • personal support
  • individual applications on request
  • Data protection and data security by design

from 100 licenses


just 6,60 € per month/license


Cheap, fast and efficient

Business customers can control multiple devices simultaneously with mirr.OS. This package is useful for mass applications, for example in companies and organizations.

  • individual SLAs
  • Global control of multiple devices simultaneously
  • complete control
  • own branding possible
  • individual applications on request
  • data protection and data security by design

from 1.000 licenses


only 4,00 € per month/license


Intelligence in series production

Industry is aimed at large customers who want to integrate mirr.OS into their own product lines and services and make it smart.

  • individual SLAs
  • global control of multiple devices simultaneously
  • complete control
  • own branding possible
  • individual applications on request
  • data protection and data security by design

private use



now and forever

go to mirr.OS

For you and your smart home

For all who don’t want to make money with mirr.OS and want to be a part of the open source philosophy. mirr.OS is free for private users. Now and forever.

  • automatic software updates
  • support forum
  • data protection and data security by design

This offer is exclusively for companies and organizations that want to use mirr.OS in a commercial context. mirr.OS uses Ubuntu Core and requires a suitable IoT board (e.g. Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+, 4, Raspberry Pi Compute Module and others). The prices listed are net prices and refer to one license of the package.

With the Smart Mirror and the widget programmed for it, our smart show apartments in the Parkviertel gain a very special tool. Individual information at a glance and individual, modern living, just as you want it - it fits.

Lutz HaakeBoard of Directors of BWG

Frequently asked questions about the license models

How long does the license agreement run and what happens after it expires?

Each license agreement has a basic term of 24 months. After that, the license is automatically renewed. Each paid license includes all future free updates. If you do not want to renew the license, you can continue to use the respective version, but without further updates. Also in the commercial environment.

Can I pay for the licenses at longer intervals?

Many young companies and startups want to preserve their liquidity. That is why we offer the monthly payment method. However, most users would like a larger payment frequency for practical reasons. This is possible without any problems. Just talk to us about how it is most convenient for you.

What is your data protection philosophy?

mirr.OS one is made to mirror data instead of collecting it. All data is stored locally only and there is no automatic transfer of personal data to our servers. In short: we don’t want your data, nor your customers’ data.

Can I integrate mirr.OS into my products and resell them?

A license allows you to use mirr.OS one commercially. This also includes the integration into your own products and the resale to third parties. In this case, the licensing is done once for the basic term of 24 months. Free updates are automatically applied to the devices. However, updates that are subject to a charge must be subsequently licensed.

How is the support provided?

A support forum is available for all questions regarding mirr.OS one. For extended support needs we offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) according to your individual requirements.

Is mirr.OS one safe?

mirr.OS one is based on Ubuntu Core. Thus, by design, we rely on one of the most secure embedded Linux solutions on the market.
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