For the Netatmo module to work, you need two keys (Client ID and Client Secret), which you can get from Netatmo. For this you need to create a Netatmo app, which is explained with the following instructions.

On the module page you can download the Netatmo module or find more information about the module: Netatmo module page


You must meet the following requirements to use the Netatmo module:

  • a Netatmo account

Step by step

Step 1: Log in to Netatmo with account

On the following page you can create a Netatmo app by logging in with your Netatmo account. If you don’t have an account yet, you need to create one here.

Step 2: Create Netatmo app

Once logged in you can click on the button in the bar above CREATE YOUR APP.

Step 3: Find needed keys

After you have created the app you will get an overview

Under the Technical Parameters section you can copy the two required keys Client ID and Client Secret,which will be needed in step 4.

Step 4: Insert key in Netatmo module

The two keys must now be inserted in the Netatmo module settings.

Now you need to enter your Netatmo account email address and password into the fields, as well as the two keys you just generated into the fields you see for them. Now click on the Save button and the whole thing should be set up.

Step 5: Configure Netatmo module

Now the Netatmo module is set up. You can now select your desired station, determine the order of the modules and set the icons of each module.

(Optional) Step 6: Use Netatmo Stations from Netatmo Weathermap

Don’t have your own Netatmo station? No problem, you can access a public station in your area. Open the Netatmo Weathermap and find a station near your home. Once you have found one, click on it and add it as a favorite:

(Optional) Step 7: Show Netatmo weather data in Info module

IMPORTANT: This step only works if you have fully configured the Netatmo module before!

From the Netatmo station we get pretty accurate measurements and since we can use them elsewhere, there is an option to use Netatmo values in the Info module.

To do this, you only need to select the option Use Netatmo values in the Info module in the lowest dropdown in the Info module settings. The Netatmo module does not have to be integrated for this, the Info module works independently of it.

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