In order for the refueling module to work for you, you need an API key from the data provider and your GPS coordinates.

On the module page you can download the Tanken module or find more information about the module: Refuel module page


You must meet the following requirements to use the module:

NOTE: tankerkönig only works in Germany

Step by step

Step 1: Get API key

Tankerkönig prepares data for you under a Creative Commons license. On this page, simply enter your email address and enter “other smart home system” with the specification as the usage. Accept the terms of use and continue.

Step 2: Confirm mail address and get key

You should receive an email relatively quickly. There you will find your personal key. It looks like this: 2c7803b5-ad55-56ea-3g89-30c5c88a7da5 (don’t try to copy it, it doesn’t work) Now unlock the API key by clicking the link in the mail and the varnish is ready.

Step 3: Copy API key, paste it into the module and set everything up

This is actually self-explanatory. Where API Key is written, you paste the key you just copied. Then you set the fuel type, the radius and the location.

The location is entered using Longitude (Long) and Latitude (Lat). To do this, go to the above website and copy the numbers into the corresponding input field.

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