Buy spy mirror for your smart mirror

Where to buy the perfect spy mirror for your smart mirror online

If you want to build your own Smart Mirror and pay a little attention to the design, sooner or later you will come to the question of where to buy the right spy mirror for Smart Mirror. When we tested the spy mirrors for Smart Mirrors, the Pilkington Mirropane™ Chrome Spy caught our eye especially positively, as it combines the desired features. Now we have finally found a reliable online retailer.

What to look for when buying a spy mirror

If you want to buy a spy mirror to use for your smart mirror, you should first read our test report in detail and get an overview of how spy mirrors work. We have tested various versions of spy mirrors and documented our experiences with photo material. The quality of the final result mainly depends on the interaction between the transmission of the peephole and the brightness of the display. As a rule of thumb, the lower the transmission, the less light from the display shines through. Conversely, the higher the transmission, the more you see of the inside of your smart mirror. The brighter the room in which your smart mirror hangs, the more intense the reflection and the higher the transmission may be.

Our experience

Since we are in the middle of the prototyping process for the glancr, we naturally have a relatively high demand for one-way mirrors (spy mirrors) for testing purposes. Only after long, intensive research and numerous phone calls with Pilkington, we were able to locate a dealer who sells and ships the correct spy mirrors online. The company in question is Glas Star from Bochum. Other online dealers for spy mirrors could not meet our requirements for mirror quality, reliability, security, speed and a fair price.

So if you want to buy a spy mirror, you should take a look there. We were satisfied and those who know us know that we are happy to make a recommendation if the quality is good.