In order for the Wunderlist module to work for you, you need an API key from the data provider.

On the module page you can download the Wunderlist module or find more information about the module: Module page


You must meet the following requirements to use the module:

  • a Wunderlist account
  • an API key / access token

Step by step

Step 1: Create Wunderlist app

Log in with your Wunderlista account.

  1. “Register your App”
  2. Make up “App Name” and “App Description” (doesn’t matter what it says)
  3. at “App-URL” and “Auth Callback URL” you just enter

Step 2: Get Client ID and Access Token

Copy and paste Cient ID in the module and create an Access token (via the button), copy and paste.

ATTENTION: do not take the client secret!!!

Step 3: refresh mirrOS backend and make configurations

For some reason we don’t know yet, you have to refresh your backend with F5 or Ctrl+R. After that you can make all settings. They should be self-explanatory.

Have fun 🙂


NOTE: Wunderlist doesn’t exist anymore since it was changed to MS-to-do. We wrote a migration to mirr.OS one.

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