CalDAV source for calendar widget: first community buyout launched

By 4.12.2020 April 29th, 2021 Community Buyouts

Include a CalDAV data source in your calendar

Dear community, some time ago we presented you the “community buyouts”. In the voting, most of the users chose to integrate a CalDAV source. As announced we discussed this with the development team and asked for the and the costs. The implementation will take about 14 days (+/-) and cost about 2.000€ plus 7% fees, depending on the difficulty.

What is the project about?

CalDAV calendar integration with authentication.

  • Setting up a way to connect to a standard calDAV server. The most used servers are from Nextcloud and ownCloud and these for reference
  • Possibility to authenticate by previously specified user data (Nextcloud offers special passwords for this purpose)
  • calDav::Hooks integration together with:
    • validate_configuration hook that checks if the given URL exists and can be accessed via calDAV with the given credentials
    • list_subresources hook which returns a list of the user’s calendars, tuples of (UUID, Label)
    • fetch_data hook to map the calendar UUIDs to the schema GroupSchemas::Calendar

Why startnext?

As mentioned, we do not have the capacity to consider all functional requests equally.
With community buyouts you get the opportunity to add new features to mirr.OS by having developers vetted by us accept the implementation as a normal order.

This costs some money and so we have been thinking about how we can make this process (commissioning, funding, implementation, delivery) as transparent as possible.

With startnext we have found a crowdfunding platform where you can easily deposit money, but get your money back if the funding goal is not reached.

For us, in turn, it’s a help because we don’t have to do all the paperwork (invoices, documentation, etc.).

We’re sorry to inform you that we don’t currently have any on going community buyouts!