mirr.OS one comes of age

By 16.07.2020 April 23rd, 2021 About us

Mornin’, we hope you and your families are well!

Today we released the v1.7 of mirr.OS one. Those who have their Pi online already have the update since tonight – now we have also created a completely new image on the website.

Thank you very much for your bug reports! Even though we can’t respond to each one individually, we look at each one and create tasks from them. We have fixed a lot of things, but also provided several new features.

In the new image, the often requested netatmo data source is also available and the live weather widget can display the data from this data source. Another new feature is that you can now set an individual background image for each board if you have multiple boards.


The biggest enhancement are the new Pro features. These features actually come from the commercial environment – often from the digital signage sector. But some dedicated hobbyists and developers have also asked for them. If you want, you can now unlock these features with a license key. With the new features you can:

  • create multiple boards for you and your family members. These multiboards are independent of each other and they change at an interval you specify.
  • switch to a different font. The new “Inter” is sans serif and more readable for some.
  • customize the admin area with your favorite color.
  • secure the admin area with a password.

All changes can be found in detail in our changelog: https://gitlab.com/glancr/mirros-one-snap/-/tags


We have already defined the upcoming sprint to v1.8. What you can look forward to:

  • we lift the entire foundation to ubuntu core20
  • extensive browser update
  • support for the Pi4
  • scripts are enabled as a service to detect sensor signals (e.g. on/off)
  • and of course improvements based on your messages

We hope you enjoy the new version as much as we do 🙂

With best regards

Tobi, Tobi & Gordon